Honda North Junior Golf Tour
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Event #1:
Monday, August 8th
Ould Newbury Golf Club
12:30 Start
Event Chairman
Connor Wright
Event Charity​


Event Chairman, Connor Wright, with 
Upper Division Champion, Nick Kutchar (center), 
and Lower Division Champion, Peter Secondiani (left), 
proudly hold the donation check on their behalf. 
Upper Division:
Nick Kutchar          +6
Matt Venturi           +3
Ty Southall             +2
Carter Gibbs            E
James Solopoulos    E
Connor Wright         -6
Reece Jezowski      -6
Chase Carrera         -7
Connor Smith           -7
Jake Hiltz                 -7
Charlie Elder            -7
Stathi Gregoriadis    -9
Luke Massey          -13
Jack Machaiek        -16
Lower Division:
Peter Secondiani       E
Travis King                -4
Nick Santarpio           -6
Drew McManus         -9
Connor’s Kindness Project was started with the hope of improving the lives of local children who are emotionally, physically or financially in need.

Event #2:
Monday, August 15th
Ould Newbury Golf Club
12:30 Start
Event #3:
Tour Championship
Monday, August 29th
Ould Newbury Golf Club
12:30 Start