Honda North Junior Golf Tour
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Event #1: July 9th, Bradford Country Club
Event Champion, Connor O'Grady, (r), (Georgetown, MA), is presented with the championship trophy and donation check to the One Fund Boston for his fine play at the beautiful and challenging Bradford C.C.  Presenting the trophy and check is Tournament Operations Director, Nick Correnti.

2014 Honda North Junior Golf Tour Results
Anthony Calvani, (r), from Amesbury, MA, is presented with the Championship Trophy and Donation Check to the Coach Mike Rowinski Scholarship Fund on behalf of his great performance at the pristine layout of Ould Newbury Golf Club.  
Presenting the awards is HNJGT Staff Member, Connor O'Grady.
Final Results
Connor O'Grady, Georgetown, MA           +14
Chris Francoeur, Amesbury, MA             +12
Brandon Daniels, Groveland, MA             +10
Lowell Deschenes, Amesbury, MA           +7
James Tagliente, Amesbury, MA              +7
Kyle Patterson, Amesbury, MA                +6
Dominic Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA        +6
Duncan Hough, Georgetown, MA              +5
Nate McCarthy, Merrimac, MA                  +2
Nick Correnti, Georgetown, MA                 +2
Jared Koen, Groveland, MA                       +1
Robert Long, Georgetown, MA                   +1
Anthony Calvani, Amesbury, MA                 E
Oliver Hermann, Newbury, MA                    -2
Ryan Patterson, Amesbury, MA                 -3
Anthony Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA          -4
Max Boland, Amesbury, MA                       -7
Zachary Labrecque, Amesbury, MA             -9
Event #2: July 17th, Ould Newbury Golf Club

Final Results:
Anthony Calvani, Amesbury, MA                    +9
David Batterton, Byfield, MA                          +6
Jake Aponas, Byfield, MA                             +4
Bradley Small, Haverhill, MA                         +3
Nick Correnti, Goergetown, MA                     +2
Dominic Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA             +1
Mike Twomey, Newburyport, MA                    +1
Ryan Patterson, Amesbury, MA                      E
Max Boland, Amesbury, MA                           E
Oliver Hermann, Newbury, MA                        E
Zachary Labrecque, Amesbury, MA                E
Drew Ventura, Newburyport, MA                     E
Connor O'Grady, Georgetown, MA                  E
Sam Aponas, Byfield, MA                              -1
Trent Markey, Newburyport, MA                      -1
Robert Long, Georgetown, MA                        -2
Alex Gharabegian, Topsfield, MA                    -4
Brendan Foley, Amesbury, MA                       -5
Kyle Patterson, Amesbury, MA                       -5
Duncan Hough, Georgetown, MA                    -7

Event #3: July 21st, Ipswich Country Club

Final Results:
Kevin Terban, Georgetown, MA                   +7  
Kyle Patterson, Amesbury, MA                  +4
Oliver Hermann, Newbury, MA                    +2
Nick Correnti, Georgetown, MA                  +1
Jason Corsetti, Rowley, MA                       -1
Duncan Hough, Georgetown, MA                -3
Ryan Patterson, Amesbury, MA                 -4
Olindo Longo, Haverhill, MA                       -5
Connor O'Grady, Georgetown, MA              -8                    
Staff member, Nick Correnti, (left), presents the Championship Trophy and Donation Check to Event Champion, Kevin Terban.
Event #4: July 22nd, Beverly Golf & Tennis

Final Results:
Olvier Hermann, Newbury, MA                    +12
Jason Corsetti, Rowley, MA                         +7
Alex Gharabegian, Topsfield, MA                  +6
Nick Correnti, Georgetown, MA                    +6
Connor O'Grady, Georgetown, MA                +2
Duncan Hough, Georgetown, MA                   E
Kevin Terban, Georgetown, MA                     -6

Oliver Hermann, of Newbury, MA, wins big at Beverly Golf & Tennis.  
Dominic Tomkiewicz, (left), wins at Amesbury Country Club.
Event #5: August 11th, 
Amesbury Country Club

Final Results:
Dominic Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA            +10
​Brendan Foley, Amesbury, MA                     +9
Freddie Halloran, Amesbury, MA                  +8
James Tagliente, Amesbury, MA                  +8
Lowell Deschense, Amesbury, MA               +5
David Shane, Georgetown, MA                    +4
Jared Tucker, Haverhill, MA                         +4
Scott Conte, Georgetown, MA                     +4
Chris Francoeur, Amesbury, MA                  +1
Ryan Patterson, Amesbury, MA                    E
Nick Correnti, Georgetown, MA                     E
Ben Vincent, Amesbury, MA                       -3
Kilian Morrissey, Rowley, MA                      -6
Duncan Hough, Georgetown, MA                 -9
Kevin Terban, (second from left), wins at Black Swan Country Club.
Event #6: August 12,
Black Swan Country Club

Final Results:
Kevin Terban, Georgetown, MA                    +8
Duncan Hough, Georgetown, MA                 +7
Connor O'Grady, Georgetown, MA                +5
Alex Gharabegian, Topsfield, MA                 +4
Kilian Morrisey, Rowley, MA                       +3
Lowell Deschenes, Amesbury, MA              +3
Tyler Stansbury, N. Reading, MA                +3
Logan Stansbury, N. Reading, MA              +2
Jared Tucker, Haverhill, MA                        +1
Dominic Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA          +1
Jackson Fritz, Georgetown, MA                  +1
Robert Long, Georgetown, MA                    +1
Nick Correnti, Georgetown, MA                   E
​Ben Dancour, Georgetown, MA                   E
Freddie Halloran, Amesbury, MA                 E
Ben Noelk, Georgetown, MA                       E
Anthony Calvani, Amesbury, MA                 -3
Ben Cooperstein, N. Andover, MA               -4
Chris Francouer, Amesbury, MA                 -4
Scott Conte, Georgetown, MA                    -4
John Cooperstein, N. Andover, MA              -5
Gus Savage, Georgetown, MA                    -6
Brendan Foley, Amesbury, MA                   -7
James Tagliente, Amesbury, MA                -12
David Shane, Georgetown, MA                   NC
Ryan Patterson, Amesbury, MA                 NC
Kyle Patterson, Amesbury, MA                  NC  
EVENT #7: August 14,
Ould Newbury Golf Club

Final Results:
Kilian Morrissey, Rowley, MA                        +10
James Tagliente, Amesbury, MA                    +3
Brendan Foley, Amesbury, MA                      +3
Jared Tucker, Haverhill, MA                            +3
Scott Conte, Georgetown, MA                        +3
Max Boland, Amesbury, MA                          +2
David Shane, Georgetown, MA                        E
Duncan Hough, Georgetown, MA                     -1
Dominic Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA               -2
Chris Francouer, Amesbury, MA                     -3
​Stephen Solimeno, Beverly, MA                     -3
Kyle Patterson, Amesbury, MA                      -3
Cael Kohen, Salibury, MA                              -4
Lowell Deschenes, Amesbury, MA                 -4
Nick Correnti, Georgetown, MA                      -5
Thomas Murphy, Newburyport, MA                 -5
Ben Vincent, Amesbury, MA                         -6
Anthony Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA             -6
Freddie Halloran, Amesbury, MA                   -8
Casey McLaren, Newburyport, MA                -8
Ryan Patterson, Amesbury, MA                   -9


Final Results:
Alex Gharabegian, Topsfield, MA                       +16
Kevin Terban, Georgetown, MA                          +12
Sean Bellemore, Haverhill, MA                           +10
Jared Tucker, Haverhill, MA                                +6
Freddie Holleran, Amesbury, MA                        +6
Chris Francouer, Amesbury, MA                        +5
Ducan Hough, Georgetown, MA                         +4
Max Boland, Amesbury, MA                              +3
Jason Correnti, Rowley, MA                              +2
Ryan Patterson, Amesbury, MA                        +2
Cael Kohan, Salisbury, MA                               +1
James Tagliente, Amesbury, MA                       -1
Lowell Deschense, Amesbury, MA                    -1
Nick Correnti, Georgetown, MA                         -2
​Dominic Tomkiewicz, Amesbury, MA                -6
Anthony Tomkeiwicz, Amesbury, MA                -11

Kilian Morrissey, (center), wins at Ould Newbury and is presented with the Championship Trophy and Donation Check by HNJGT staff members, Nick Correnti, (left), and Duncan Hough.
Alex Gharabegian, (left), is presented with the Championship Trophy and Donation Check by fellow HNJGT player, Kevin Terban, for his fine play at beautiful Bradford Country Club.